Are your Open Source dependencies giving attackers a way in?

More than 90% of companies depend on Open Source software. Attacks are happening faster than companies can respond.

LunaTrace makes your code more resilient by eliminating vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

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What does LunaTrace do?

LunaTrace is not another security scanner that outputs millions of vulnerabilities for you to triage. Our Open Source dependency analysis tool is smarter, faster, and quieter than any other. It is backed by a team of security experts who monitor the latest attacks, write remediation guides, and help you patch as soon as possible and only what is required.

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Why LunaSec?


Streamline your productivity

Focus on your business applications and meet your goals faster. Stop being blocked by complicated security requirements when it comes to third party vulnerable libraries.


Stop data leaks & ransomware

Protect your brand, your revenue, and build user trust faster by integrating LunaTrace Enterprise to automatically detect and stop threats from third party code before this leads to a breach.


Lower your compliance costs

View your security status, track your compliance goals, and track your vulnerabilities all in one place. Centralized security reporting make auditing and breach remediation a breeze.

Designed by security engineers.

LunaTrace builds from the real-world lessons we have learned while helping to protect thousands of companies across the globe. The tools we built are trusted every day by companies like Uber, Snapchat, Capital One, and more.

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Industry Shifting Advice and Expertise

Our announcement of Log4Shell, Spring4Shell, and other high profile vulnerabilities have gained worldwide attention.

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