Does LunaTrace really save time and money?

As experienced security engineers who have worked at multiple Fortune 500 companies, we can confidently tell you: "Yes".

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How does LunaTrace work?

When Vulnerability Management becomes effortless, your company becomes more secure. LunaTrace does the heavy lifting for your security team by meaningfully prioritizing what to work on next.

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Why would I choose LunaTrace over existing Vulnerability Management tools?

Excellent question. If you remember back to when Log4Shell had everyone scrambling, we noticed that security tools that people had been using were not quite helping find answers. Instead, in some cases, weeks had passed before rules even existed, let alone the false positives that had to be sifted through. It was apparent that companies needed something better.

Historically, security companies have sold on fear. That is, red alerts, big numbers, the sort of thing you see in a hacking scene from a movie. Without clear communication around what matters, let alone how to respond, the users of the tools are left in the dark.

LunaTrace is the light in the deep dark hole that is your vulnerability backlog. Written by security engineers for security engineers, our understanding and dedication to the problem space is unparalleled.

How does LunaTrace help with compliance requirements?

When you are being audited, you are expected to demonstrate that you respond to vulnerabilities within an SLA. In practice, SLAs are often breached as a result of tasks falling through the cracks or from playing the Task Reassignment Hot Potato game.

LunaTrace supercharges your Vulnerability Management program's ability to meet SLAs. Focus of your program is zeroed in on driving remediation to vulnerabilities that matter. The CISO dashboard communicates the effectiveness of your program and the SLA Report turns an audit into a walk in the park.

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How hard is it to use LunaTrace?

With our Github App, you are one click away from using LunaTrace at your company. Once installed, the app will immediately go to work creating a plan for your company to respond to security issues that have been identified.

Get started with LunaTrace today

If you're a not a Software Developer, then we'd recommend get in touch with us in order to use LunaTrace. We offer Premium paid support to make onboarding a breeze and to ensure that your security requirements are met.

We also offer LunaTrace as an Open Source product that you can use, for free, right now via our GitHub repository. For technical information and in-depth guides, please see our Developer Documentation.

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