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Teams move faster when they're not blocked by security and compliance. Give your team the freedom to build without boundaries and meet your business goals on time by getting started with LunaSec's advanced data security platform, LunaDefend.

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Platform Features


Devalue Your Data

With LunaSec, your teams never stores sensitive data. They only store tokens which have zero value unless passed through LunaSec's secure system.


Secure Data Storage

Keep your data safe in the LunaSec Secure Vault. Retrieving data from the vault is simple for you and your users, but difficult for any attackers trying to break in.


Developers Love It

Unlike other compliance and security products on the market, LunaSec was designed with Developer Experience in mind. Using our tooling is easy and refreshing to use for all devs.


Cloud Native

Modern companies are using the Cloud more than ever before.
No more fighting with vendors to make it work for your needs. LunaSec will work with your stack seamlessly.

Unbeatable Cyber Security guarantees to protect your business like nobody else can

By designing LunaDefend with security in mind from the very beginning, we provide better protection than was every possible before. We remove all "single points of failure" in your threat model to make any attacks on your business significantly harder. Learn more about how LunaDefend protects your business and enables your team to move faster.

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What does LunaDefend do?

LunaDefend is designed to be easy for your team to get started securing data and creating compliant architecture. That means that LunaDefend works with your existing databases, web applications, and the various other systems that your organization uses today (including your vendor software). You don't need to take months of time to rewrite your software in order to use LunaDefend.

How do you add LunaDefend to your system?

Simply put, you add LunaDefend anywhere that data enters or exits your system. For most applications, this takes only a few minutes. You just need to add LunaDefend to your website and tell it what data to protect.

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How does LunaDefend reduce compliance scope?

With LunaDefend's Secure Frame and Secure Enclave technologies you can reduce your Compliance scope by 90%+ (PCI, HIPAA, SOC2, etc). This is done through isolating which parts of your system or code are actually ever processing sensitive data. The process is simple for developers to implement and it makes the speed of compliance audits much faster (and less expensive).

LunaDefend Enterprise also stores a copy of all access to decrypt data in a tamper-proof database (similar to a Blockchain). Even if data is deleted, you can still access a copy of the access log or even the data (if configured).

For more information, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions about the compliance needs that you have.

Why is LunaDefend better than the competition?

We designed LunaDefend from our real-world experience of working with dozens of companies to be easy to use and meet your needs. After all, security doesn't matter if you can't figure it out!

Often in the vendor industry, Security and Compliance require two different products. Compliance is about just "checking off boxes" for regulations, while Security is ignored until after a breach happens.

LunaDefend saves you the hassle by giving you both Compliance and Security controls in one system.

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Does LunaDefend have the ability to read my data?

No, LunaDefend does not have the ability to read your data. All data is encrypted at rest and stored on Amazon's secure servers. When in transit, data is encrypted by you or by Amazon. LunaDefend never has a copy of your data, nor can we ever read the data without a copy of the Token (which we don't store).

How does LunaDefend protect my data?

LunaDefend protects your data by utilizing "Vaultless Tokenization". That means that your data is stored and transported as encrypted data in a central location, but the "keys" to decrypt the data are stored separately.

If somebody were to get access to the "Vault" of data, they would not be able to decrypt any of the data without also having the corresponding decryption key. In the LunaDefend system, we never store the decryption key nor do we ever have a copy of the decrypted data either.

In order to decrypt data from the vault, you must possess a copy of the "Token" that was created when the data was initially encrypted and stored. This Token is a long, unguessable value that is stored only on your servers.

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