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When 0-day vulnerabilities are discovered, attackers begin exploiting companies within hours. That's why modern teams can't afford to wait days or weeks for an official CVE is published before they begin patching.

Our advanced security plaform, LunaTrace, gives teams an advantage over malicious actors by combining threat intelligence with vulnerability scanning like never before.

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Case Study: Log4Shell

Fact: Other security scanning tools, even the major vendors, left their users vulnerable to Log4Shell for up to a week by waiting until an official advisory was published from the Apache team.

Fact: Our team of security experts created the name "Log4Shell" when we published the first report with technical details about the vulnerability, how to detect it, and steps to patch the issue before an official fix was available.

Fact: More than 100,000 software developers, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies, used LunaSec's early threat intelligence report on Log4Shell as their primary resource for security guidance around understanding and patching the vulnerability.

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When should you use LunaTrace?

If you depend on Open Source software for your company's success.

Use LunaTrace to find and eliminate vulnerabilities and license violations in your dependencies. For issues that do make it through to production, it can determine when, where, and for how long you were vulnerable by tracking deployed systems in real time. It can also generate official Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) reports for your enterprise or government customers.

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We've made it simple and fast to get started with LunaTrace by offering a free 30-day trial.

Please see our dedicated Pricing page for information about our product plans, supported features, and our pricing model.

In addition to our managed Cloud service, the core of LunaTrace is also available as Open Source software on GitHub.

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