Find the next Log4Shell Automatically

Let us be the first responder when a 0-day exploit drops. Our team of Security Engineers keeps up-to-date with the latest exploits and scans your software's dependencies to notify you about them automatically.

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How do you add LunaTrace to your system?

It takes seconds for your team to get started. It's as simple as adding a step to your build system -- the rest is automatic.

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When should you use LunaTrace?

If you depend on Open Source software for your company's success, then LunaTrace is likely a good for you. We've designed it to help you stay focused on what's most important -- you, not the next 0-day.

Get started with LunaTrace today

If you're a not a Software Developer, then we'd recommend get in touch with us in order to use LunaTrace. We offer Premium paid support to make onboarding a breeze and to ensure that your security requirements are met.

We also offer LunaTrace as an Open Source product that you can use, for free, right now via our GitHub repository. For technical information and in-depth guides, please see our Developer Documentation.

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