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Grants are a way of locking the permission to use a token to a user's session.

When permission has been given to a certain user to read or store a token, we say that the Token is "granted". The Dedicated Tokenizer keeps a record of the short-lived grants that have been created, and what session they are connected to.


Grants are created by your application server when tokens are request by the client. For instance, if your browser is trying to load a user object and one of the fields is a token, you must create a grant for that token as explained in a the Getting Started guide.

Tokens grants must also be checked when tokens are uploaded, because otherwise an attack could steal a token and upload one to their own session, then download it and have permission to read it.

Short Duration

The short expiration of the grant is critical to security. The default expiration time is 15 minutes. This can cause issues with applications that might need to detokenize a token more than 15 minutes after it was loaded from your server. Grant duration can be customized during creation if you find that you need a longer duration, up to your configured maximum.

The default duration and maximum duration can be configured in your lunadefend.js config file, in the grants options.


Grants are simple to use but have some drawbacks, because they place trust in the security of your backend server.
Secure Authorizers are in development, which will be small lambdas that deploy along with your code that are responsible for granting token permissions, just-in-time.