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Installing and Using the CLI

The LunaDefend CLI makes development, testing, and deployment easier. It can bring up the services we need to use LunaDefend locally.

The CLI is available as an NPM module. Add it to your package.json along with the aws cdk packages that it depends on:

yarn add @lunasec/cli --dev


npm install @lunasec/cli --save-dev

Make sure the CLI stays at the same version as the @lunasec packages we install in this guide.


You can also install the CLI package globally with yarn global add @lunasec/cli to make manual commands easier - it will automatically use the locally installed copy if you are in your app folder. Call lunasec --version to try it out.


Your system must have docker-compose, docker, and node >= 14 installed.


For legacy purposes the cli tool is named and references lunasec. For added context, this was the original naming convention prior to the stack being formalized under LunaDefend.