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Interface: LunaSecConfig

The configuration for the LunaSec Node Plugin



tokenizerURL: string

The URL where the tokenizer backend can be queried

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auth: Object

The configuration for authentication

Type declaration

secretsSecretConfigA configuration object that tells the LunaSec JWT generator where to find the signing key. LunaSec uses JWTs minted on your server in a few places. example { provider: 'environment' } which will read the signing key from process.env.LUNASEC_SIGNING_KEY as base64 encoded Or for example to just pass it in directly example {type:'manual', signingKey: createPrivateKey(signingKey) } This needs to be a node KeyLike object
sessionIdProviderSessionIdProviderA callback used automatically by LunaSec when we have the req object and would like to know the sessionId. Used in automatic granting and also the Auth Plugin
pluginBaseUrl?stringOptionally add a baseroute to the auth plugin's routes, useful if you need all of your application routes to be behind some route like /api
publicTokenizerUrl?stringOptionally have the auth redirect URL use localhost as the domain name. This is used in the demo mode and local development.

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Optional secureResolverConfig: SecureResolverSdkConfig

Optionally configure the Secure Resolver functionality of the plugin, must be configured if you want to use Secure Resolvers

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