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Securing Files

Secure File Handling

LunaDefend has several components for uploading and downloading files. As with handling text, the data will be uploaded to S3 and you'll receive a token.

Uploading a file

The <SecureUploader> element is a multi-file uploader component with a pre-built UI.

onTokenChange={(tokens) => {
errorHandler={(e) => setError(e.message)}

When a file is done uploading onTokenChange will fire with the current array of file tokens. Pass an array of already uploaded tokens to fileTokens to pre-fill the UI, allowing users to edit an existing list of files. Be aware that users will also be able to download any files in the selector by clicking them.

Here's a screenshot of the secure uploader:


Downloading a file

<SecureDownload> embeds a link that, when clicked, downloads a file.

<SecureDownload token={fileToken} errorHandler={(e) => setError(e.message)} />