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Frontend Configuration

React Frontend Setup

The LunaDefend frontend library @lunasec/react-sdk comes with a collection of components that create iFrames under the hood and handle tokenization.


The Secure Components get their configuration from the <LunaSecConfigContext.Provider>, which is typically placed somewhere near the root of your component tree. Components rendered outside the provider won't work.

import { LunaSecConfigContext } from '@lunasec/react-sdk';

export const MyApp = () => {

return (
// This is the domain the LunaSec Tokenizer backend is hosted on, which will be different in prod vs dev
lunaSecDomain: process.env.LUNASEC_DOMAIN || 'http://localhost:37766',
authenticationErrorHandler: (e: Error) => {
// You may wish to render some error UI or perform an action like page refresh if LunaSec fails to authenticate
setAuthError('Failed to authenticate with LunaSec. \n Is a user logged in?');

Now we can use LunaDefend's components. Next we'll create a Secure Form.