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Starting LunaDefend

lunasec start

The lunasec start --env <environment> command brings up the LunaDefend stack in the provided environment configuration.

To test out the LunaDefend stack in demo mode, use the command lunasec start --env demo. This is a complete example which includes the local development configuration, as well as a example front end and back end which use the secure LunaDefend components to protect their data.

By default, when not provided an environment, lunasec start brings up the LunaDefend stack in the local development configuration, which consists of: the tokenizer backend, Localstack, a https proxy to Localstack, and the Secure Frame iFrame. Every time the stack gets brought up, the state of the stack gets reset, and the mocked AWS resources in Localstack are reinitialized by the LunaDefend cli, which is run in a container.

If your system does not require docker to be invoked by the root user (ie. if you have setup rootless docker or have dangerously added your user to the docker group). You must pass --no-sudo to the start command in order to have docker-compose run without prepending sudo.

To build the LunaDefend stack from source, pass --local-build from the root of the repository monorepo.