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Deploying LunaDefend

lunasec deploy

LunaDefend can be deployed to AWS using the LunaDefend CLI, available in the @lunasec/cli npm package. More information on installing and using the CLI can be found in the Getting Started Guide

The deploy command configures a deployment by reading the closest lunadefend.js file to the current directory. The CLI tool will recursively search in parent directories for this file until it gets to the root of the file system.

For a standard deployment of LunaDefend, you will only need to specify:

module.exports = {
production: {
applicationFrontEnd: "<deployed application's front end url>",
applicationBackEnd: "<deployed application's back end url>"

For additional configuration options, please refer to CLI Configuration.

Once the stack is built, the generated AWS Cloudformation template will be present at ~/.lunasec/builds/build_<time of build>.