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CLI Analytics

LunaDefend uses analytics collected from the CLI command in order to improve its performance for all developers. The metrics that are collected by the CLI look like:

command: 'deploy', // or start, or eject, etc
version: '1.0.7', // The CLI version was used
env: 'demo', // The environment the CLI is setting up.
success: true, // or false if it fails
error_message: 'some-error-message-that-only-happens-when-success-is-false',
// UUID that persists in `~/.lunasec/metadata.json`. This help us filter noise of metrics reports coming to us.
user_id: '1234-1234-1234-1234',
// versions of different tools depeneded on by the CLI and what the host system is
system_info: {
docker_version: '2.0.0',
docker_compose_version: '2.0.0',
node_version: '16.0.0',
host_platform: 'mac',
host_release: '10.5'

If you wish to disable these metrics when running the CLI, enable the environment variable: LUNASEC_DISABLE_CLI_METRICS=true.