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· 5 min read
Forrest Allison

...and why it didn't make our builds any faster

Part 2 of a series on optimizing our build system. I explain how our build system is laid out in Part 1.

Docker Buildkit

Our CI builds and runs a lot of containers, and takes around 30 minutes. In an attempt to make it faster, I did a deep dive into the experimental and semi-documented world of Docker's Buildkit.

· 8 min read
Forrest Allison

At LunaSec, our system is made up of a lot of parts. Servers we deploy, servers that our users deploy, web apps, npm modules, Go binaries, these docs... You get the picture.

Using a monorepo with Lerna for our entire project has been an absolute lifesaver, especially for local dev, but getting CI to a place we're happy with has been a months long effort.

Here are some of the main things we've figured out.